anger management

i have an issue with road rage. it's not so bad that i'd follow someone home and bash their head in with a crowbar and stomp on their throat, but i've definitely fantasized about it... it usually hits and passes within 30 seconds or so... but inevitably, someone else will piss me off... so the ride to work is usually 15-20 minutes of me being pissed off and yelling and cursing... uhm, i have a bad temper.

but, even when i'm not driving, i yell at drivers...

steve and i are in the car on the way to work this morning... and this big ass GMC pickup truck is cutting people off all over the road.

so i yell, "blonde republican bitch!" at least the windows were up this time... but, i have no idea where that came from and what her being republican has to do with her cutting people off... it's like it just comes out and i can't help it.

i told steve that i was just scared... i mean, when i'm afraid, i react with hostility. i don't think he's buying it.


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