deep lyrics...

increasingly, i've come across blogs with lyrics on them. typically, they're sensitive, emotional, deep, thought-provoking, and/or inspirational...

so, i'll give it a go, as well....
this is as deep as i wanna get :P

all day, in my mind
i replay the second time we chimed
so sweet, what a treat, sensuelle [yes it's pronounced to rhyme with swell...]
skin on skin is swingingly swell

fat treasures
don't compare to our pleasures
kissing and suckling,
the boots come unbuckling
enter sexual altered states
no sleep uhm, we're stayin' awake

the music connects us
the rubber protects us
and what the neighbors think
just doesn't affect us

check my spot
and dig my swirl
i'm a liberated girl

i need your lovin'
i want your love
i'll be your friend
i'll be your lover
i'll be your friend

against me your body's pressed
i want to hug and kiss you and all the rest
forget your troubles, ills and aches
and like an earthquake
our body shakes

just turn up the frogger bass
and enter sexual altered state

take off your shirt
i'll take off my bra
a rub a dub lovin' until you say ahhhh...

keep holding on until you say ahhh
*repeat 2x*

your smile's as big as the brooklyn bridge
you rock me like no one ever did
live and let livin'
trippin' not slippin'

chewin' on a chiclet
make me wanna knee dip
let me roll my full hips

rolling philly's actin' silly
hippy spliffy
made ya lick your lippy
our love a dub rubbin'
is king size trippy

keep holdin' on until you say ahhh...

not sure if those lyrics are all correct... but pretty damned close. now i'm going to have to look up the lyrics at home.

Say Ahhh... by Deee-Lite off their Dewdrops in the Garden album. BUY IT. it was overlooked and underrated... and lady kier's voice is SEXY as HELL... even though this cd is 10 years old, the beats are NOT dated... still as fresh as the day it came out... better than a lot of the shit you hear today. this cd makes you wanna get up on the dance floor and dance and sweat and make out with somebody :D well, somebody good looking...


Blogger HeathaBeLovely said...

"rolling philly's actin' silly
hippy spliffy
made ya lick your lippy
our love a dub rubbin'
is king size trippy".........

wow! thats a tongue twister!! lol!
can i get some of that action?! hehee...

4:00 AM  
Blogger Angelina said...

i love love deeelite...and i totally dig dimitri from Paris.....he used to spin "straight night" at a gay disco I used to go to in while in grad school. he's da bee's knees (even if he sometimes pulled that super-star dj shit).

5:37 AM  

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