the above picture...

is mel's china set. cute... but not $224-for-a-damn-coffee-pot-you're-never-going-to-use cute!... place settings at $129, SUGAR BOWL for $112, CREAMER for $98... was there even a coffee maker on the damned registry? i don't think stan drinks coffee because *GASP* caffeine is evil! ellen g. white said so! fuck ellen white and her stupid books.

how STUPID is she? why are you going to register for shit that you won't be able to afford? someone bought her ONE place setting. GUESS WHO'S GONNA HAVE TO BUY THE OTHER 11, GENIUS???? hrm... $129 x 11 = TOO MUCH FUCKING MONEY! and that's without tax.

what, she thinks people are going to get her all this shit? i'm sorry, but not everyone is willing to or able to buy this stuff.

i'm proud to say, my nice plates are from target. and guess what, pretty much everything that was on our registries was bought for us... because they were affordable and practical. and people didn't feel like they were spending an arm and another important appendage on one damn plate. i don't want china that i'm never going to use cluttering up my home. wtf is the deal with china sets, anyway??? ooh, let's buy china and put them in a case and never use them! YAY!

jeezus, there has got to be about 300 items on this damn registry. before she even signed up for a registry, she was telling me how they didn't really need much, etc, etc, etc... and she was only doing it because she felt like she had to and there wasn't going to be much on it. all of a sudden there's kate spade china, vera wang glasses, and some FUGLY zebra print bedding.

i hope this helps her feel like the princess she has always wanted to be... but apparently, i wasn't letting her blossom into a princessflower. i, the voice of reason in her life, left her... so now she can be as stupid as she wants to be. congratulations, mel and stan. good luck in your new life together. you're fucking going to need it.


Blogger Tigerlil said...

Grace, you are too damn much!!! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday when i looked at her stuff. Who the hell is gonna buy her a $200 coffee pot??? my sister suggested i hurry up and buy her the cheapest thing on her registry cause thats usually what people go for at first and others buy the pricier stuff only cause the cheap stuff has already been purchased... Did i see a step stool on there??...

1:20 PM  
Blogger grace said...

nah. but you did see a slotted spoon for $4.99. heheh

1:47 PM  

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