bands with songs that sound the same...

on the way to work this morning, we're listening to kroq. a song by green day was playing. i recognize green day because every single one of their songs sounds the same. i couldn't tell you the name of the song or what album it's off of or when it came out. i just know it's green day. i can't tell the difference between any of their songs. if you put together a medley of their songs, it would mesh together seamlessly.

i'm not saying that every song by an artist should sound completely different. there should be some cohesion. the reason i didn't like alicia keys' first album was because it was just all over the place. the girl had talent, but each song was kind of random. (her second album was really, really good - she has replaced beyonce as my favorite chanteuse of the moment) i'm just saying that the songs should have something different about them. something. anything. a different beat or a different melody would be nice...

"artists" with songs that sound the same:
5. britney spears
4. phil collins
3. green day
2. 311
1. R.E.M.


Blogger Amber_sun said...

More artists with songs that sound the same (on the R&B/Hip Hop tip). R. Kelly (hate him-friggin' pedophile), Lil Jon (he's the one always screaming Yeah!), Nelly and all the other southern rap wannabees. I know there are more but my brain is on slo-mo right now.

7:21 AM  
Blogger grace said...

hrm... i'm not sure if they all sound alike, or if all their songs sound the same. maybe both....

1:59 PM  

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