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During Amber Frey's second day of testimony at Scott Peterson's murder trial, the courtroom was treated to more taped messages between Frey and Peterson, who pretended that he was hopscotching through Europe when he was really in Modesto, Calif., as police and family members still searched for his missing wife, Laci.

No matter what else happens in the case, the tapes seem to give prosecutors irrefutable evidence of the one thing that observers had long suspected of both Peterson and Frey ever since their vacant expressions and slack jaws first dominated magazines and "Larry King Live" more than a year ago: They're dumb. Really, seriously, not smart. And he also is sure guilty of being creepy; in one taped conversation, Peterson waxes poetic about Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." The exchange, according to the Post, was:

"That's a scary movie," exclaimed Frey.

"But it's the best movie ever made," Peterson insisted.

"The whole redrum [murder spelled backwards] and the bathtub — that's scary," said Frey.

"Ooh, the two twins freak me out, baby," Peterson oozed.

He later noted that he also liked the movie "Meet Joe Black," in which Brad Pitt plays Death.

"Oh, yeah, I really like that one," Peterson said, mistakenly referring to the film as "Meet Jack Black."

Peterson also recommends the 1994 remake of "Love Affair," because it stars his "hero," Warren Beatty.

Then, he asks Frey what she thinks the best movie of all time is:

Frey: Oh, I don't know how to answer that honestly.

Peterson: OK. How about if I give you a genre?

Frey: What? What are you saying, gen. . . I still don't know what you're saying.

Peterson: Genre. G-e-n-r-e.

Frey: Gen. . .

Peterson: It's a type of movie. Genre.

Frey: OK, I never heard that before.

In at least two of the phone conversations, when Peterson claimed to be in Paris, he was annoyed by a dog's constant barking -- believed to be Laci's black Labrador, barking in the backyard of Peterson's Modesto home. (The New York Post's melodramatic take: "WIFE'S DOG HAUNTED SCOTT.")

At one point, Peterson says of the dog, "oh, I want to kill it." Later, he tells Frey that he's next traveling from Paris to Madrid ("I'll be saying 'hola' a lot more instead of 'bonjour.'") and at another point, he claims to be traveling to Brussels, which prompts Frey to ask: Is that in Europe?

Later, now nearly two weeks after Peterson's wife had disappeared, he reads Frey a Boris Pasternak poem:

"'Beneath the willow wound round with ivy we take cover from the worst of the storm, with a greatcoat round our shoulders and my hands around your waist.

"'… You intoxicate me! Let's spread the greatcoat on the ground.'"

Frey: "What are you talking about?"

Peterson: "I was thinking of you sexually."

And later:

Frey: "So you've been thinking a lot about me?"

Peterson: "Yeah, that's all I did today. And I'm sorry, I, I just, I just started rambling and there's a tear in my eye, and it's trickling."

AW, GAWD!!!! that's just SO painful!!!!


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