for you unmarried folks, do as i say... hehe... if you can't get lucky and marry for love, MARRY FOR MONEY.

jules tried to say AND LOOKS. nah. just turn out the lights. that's what the light switch is for. also, if they're ugly, they can't ever try to tell you that they could do better. hehehehe besides, we all get old. no one's good-looking forever!

it doesn't matter if they're fat and ugly. if they got money, go for it. oh, and no prenups. NO PRENUPS. hehehe


Blogger julia said...

well.. i want someone i wouldn't mind being seen in public with.. sheesh..

but then again, money makes everyone beautiful.. :P

11:56 AM  
Blogger grace said...

go to dark places. clubs. romantic dinners.

and don't make eye contact. hehehe.

anyway, they could work with what they got... you could buy them nice clothes with their money :P

wait... wait a damn minute. you dated j-hole for years. i don't know what this whole "looks" thing is about :P

12:02 PM  

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