rocket scientists...

i was talking to jonny last night and we were complaining about presentations (him giving them, me making them). he's works for a company that makes rocket parts or something like that... anyway, he works with rocket scientists... i'm not sure if he's a rocket scientist. maybe he's a rocket engineer. is that the same thing?

g: i used to make my presentations all flashy and pretty and exciting... now it's just text on a page... i don't even animate the slides anymore...
j: hmmm... i wonder why we don't put hyperlinks and flashy stuff in presentations... oh yeah! i remember now... it's because we make a powerpoint presentation, print it out, copy it onto transparency paper, and then show the presentation on an overhead.
g: wtf? you still use overhead projectors????

apparently, these rocket scientists don't use projectors. they have an overhead projector. i thought microsoft banned those in the late 90s!!! i can't wrap my head around the overhead projector. i can't believe anyone actually still has them. he says that they have normal projectors, too, but that only comes out for the bigwigs and special occasions... damn, we have a projector in our home. they can't cough up $899 for a damned projector?

they may be smart, but damn, they don't have any common sense. maybe it's because all of their brain power was allocated to math reasoning or something... or maybe it's because they're all male and we all know men don't have any common sense... hehehe.


Blogger julia said...

behind the times rocket scientists.. that's what we need. remember mrs. baerg's class? hehehe.. i think that was the last time i saw an overhead projector.

jonny told me a long time ago that he was going to use that as a line "i'm a rocket scientist." hehe.

11:00 AM  
Blogger grace said...

rocket scientists <-- overrated :P

11:15 AM  

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