i'm soooo bored

it's been so long since i've been bored at work... it's really nice.

i'm just reading blogs, IMing friends... pretending i'm working...

except it gets really hard to pretend that you're working when you're IMing and reading funny blogs...

when i work, i scowl. it's not that i just don't smile, i just look pissed... because if i don't, people think it's a good time to chat ... about themselves/their dogs/their kids/my life/my lack of kids/the "angel" tree downstairs/the blinking voicemail light on my phone.

it's really annoying. i took the chair out of my cubicle so people would stop sitting in it to chat.

i don't know what to do. when i'm just being normal, they come to bother me. when i'm being rude, they think they can cheer me up and come to bother me... it's a no win situation. but at least i'm being all pissy, i can act like a bitch and they just assume i'm PMSing.

mmm... i just had strawberry jam and peanut butter flavored jelly bellys... together... mmmm... too bad they don't have a wheat bread flavored one. oh... gross. i just had a PB one with a lemon one. oh, christ... i feel like wiping my tongue off on my jacket.

i need more jelly bellys... i like to mix the flavors. sometimes it's pleasant, most of the time it's not. you'd think i'd stop doing it... the admin just needs to quit buying these for the boss...

my friend just emailed me telling me to go to some show that her friend's playing some jazz at. it sounds like fun and all... she says it's "brothel jazz." HOT! :P i'll have to think about it, though... it's so close to christmas and all... i have xmas dinner to fix, ya know?

i'm still nervous about that damned turkey... stupid poultry. maybe i should order one that's already made or something... eep. i don't have a problem with the sides, i think... oh, crap. i don't know. i'm going to choke... i wonder how steve's cousin's thanksgiving turned out... it was probably perfect... oh god...

it's december and i don't have shit for steve yet... SHIT! i hate to go shopping!!!! i guess i'd better get online before it's too late... i still have to get everyone their gifts... i like giving gifts. it's fun... but this year, it feels like it's just come up so fast...

another year's gone by... and what have i accomplished this year? i finished paper mario :P we convinced nina and mike to get a gamecube... who, in turn convinced quyen to get a gamecube... :P

but i don't think i've really done anything worthwhile... anything to better myself or the world... that's depressing. i'm not going to think about that anymore.

steve sent a customer or someone our new zealand pics and they said the pics were gorgeous and i was too! god! i LOVE the people he works with! they're always so kind! or they have really bad eyesight. whatever. i'll take any compliment i can get! woohoo!

only an hour left... i gotta get the hell outta here... my eyelids are getting droopy.


Blogger Quyen said...

I think you've brought the joy of video games to all! :D On another note, I like to make alcoholic drink recipes with Jelly Bellys :D Stuff like Pina Colada, Buttery Nipples, and screwdrivers (buttered popcorn + orange + tangerine) blegh! I dunno how buttered popcorn tastes just like vodka, but it does... something to worry about... LOL :P

6:33 PM  
Blogger J. said...

Okay, ready ... follow these steps.

1. Open MS Word, blank document
2. Copy this entire post
3. Paste into MS Word.

You now have your Christmas letter to mail out to friends/family. :P

8:11 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

IM-ing friends?! I need to get on messenger more often so we could chat. :o)

And hey I looked pissed at work all the time too, actually I think I looked pissed all the damn time. That's too funny that your co-workers don't get the hint, though.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

damn, i need to get started on my x-mas shopping, too. i need to ship stuff to out-of-state people so i really need to get started.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

The buttered popcorn flavor scares me. It's just wrong on so many levels.

I think it's good to remove the chair from your office. It says, "I'm busy working. Tell me what you need and get out. You're interrupting my efficiency." By the way who gives a shit what the lame asses at your work think about you? Aren't their pathetic lives filled with gossiping and uselessness?

I am almost done shopping for Michael, and I'm glad. People are starting to act a fool already.

I hope your day gets better.:)

9:49 AM  

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