last night...

i was pretty sniffly after dropping nina and mike off at the airport, so steve said he'd take me out to dinner. now, i know it's our anniversary and everything, but we're going to australia and i thought it might be better to just not spend any more money... but he insisted on taking me. so we went somewhere i'd heard of and wanted to try out... he's so sweet.

we get home (because i wasn't about to go out in the sweatpants i was wearing) and i go to the bathroom. when i get out, there's a cd on the table. i thought maybe it just came in the mail... so i pick it up, thinking, "hmm, what'd he get in the mail today?" and i pick it up... and it's celso machado. he was the opener for the bebel gilberto concert we went to in vancouver, bc. he blew my little mind. he was just so talented. he plays all these indigenous instruments and he's like this guitar virtu-freakin-oso... and i almost started to cry. you see, i'd given up looking for reviews on that show about 2 days after we got back. i'd resigned myself to the fact that i wasn't going to ever hear him again.... and then the cd.

and then, under the cd, a card... which... okay. i bawled like a goddamned baby. i couldn't help it. it was ... nice.

so we went to tabu grill in laguna beach. steve says on the $ scale, it's a $$$. (that's if fast food isn't on the scale at all, in my opinion...) at any rate, it was nice. it was good. pretty good food... nice place. it's only got an occupancy of 25 inside, so it was small. but i liked it. worth checking out.

here's a little pic. it's our anniversary pic :P it's freakin' tiny. and i've gotta remember to check the resolution before i take the pic. if you look in the mirror behind me, you can see steve's head :P also, look at the wall with the little candles in it. i thought it was cute.

okay. i'm done with the mushy gushy posts.... :P

stupid work is stopping me from my daily blogging. i'm so pissed! what do i look like to them? some kind of fucking peon? they should be fucking paying me just to show up! just because i'm me!!!! fuck. okay. this peon's gotta get back to work :(


Blogger American Blogger said...

Grace, i think that pic is too big, can you find one smaller? LOL

7:01 PM  
Blogger s! said...

hi there Grace..

well, a lot of my friends have complained that the blogger comments thing hangs.. and sometimes duplicates comments.. i hav just come on to haloscan.. so far so good.. will let you know how it turns out!! thanks for dropping by, :-))


7:44 PM  
Blogger s! said...

oh yeah, a very belated Happy Anniversary!! :-))


7:44 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

Sounds like you guys had such a nice night!! That is awesome...

8:05 PM  
Blogger Cece said...

That pic is kind of spooky with Steve's bodiless head floating foggily in the background. It reminds me of that movie Three Men And A Baby, where that ghost kid appears. HAHAHA!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Oh man! That little ghost kid from Three men and a baby haunted me for months! I'd forgot about that! I can now thank Cece for bringing back my nightmares!

Grace, you have the sweetest husband, I swear. And I love that he always wants to take pictures of you. The X never took pictures of me. He'd pose for my camera, though. FUCKER!

Anyway, back to you... :o) you've said you don't like surprises but see how great that CD made you feel! :o)

4:00 PM  

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