what a hectic ass morning.

all sorts of shit going down. and then my boss' admin wanted me to drive his car to the dealership for the 15K checkup because she didn't want to go by herself and drive.

another excuse not to work? i'm all over it.
i want a lexus. what a smoooooth ride. purrs like a kitten.

was IM'ing with nina earlier this morning. she, like mike, is very cool and easy to talk to.

isn't technology grand???

saw 2 john kerry for president stickers this morning. i was so excited. i normally only see about one a week or so. but, 2 in one morning? woohoo! it's just so noticeable here in W country.

i know, i know. i should put one on my car. but i have this on my car instead


Blogger Kis Lee said...

very cute bunny!

I have a Kerry/Edwards sticker on my car. I've been flipped off once, and my neighbors gave me the thumbs up sign.

1:38 PM  

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