at the risk of seeming like a biter...

mike's post inspired me to write about our first encounter... i'll leave some pretty big chunks out... i don't really like to talk about our sex life... unless it's with jules and we're on the phone (no written evidence!) not because it's not good. it's great... i just don't want to. and i can do whatever the fuck i like... hehe.

this probably won't be nearly as interesting as mike's... and i'm leaving out a lot of the steamy details, but... here goes...

rewind to june 2001. i'd been away from Psycho for a while... and i was having a grand ol' time... i was dating.... count 'em up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 guys at the same time. (thank the phone gods for caller id)... (shit, or was it 6? whatever.) and for some odd reason, i thought i needed to add another stud to the stable. (goddamn, i'm greedy)

but, hey, jules and i were having a contest and i wanted to win... hehehe. who could get more action faster. ah, good times. and snagging steve would've put me over the top. heh.

anyway, for a few months, i'd been hanging out with his friend. the friend had a big ol' crush on me and told steve not to hang out with me because we had "so much in common." sidenote: i was NOT leading him on. i told him i didn't like him. i told him very clearly. there was no way he could misunderstand. but, he thought for some reason, he still had a chance. the friend went on a road trip. and i began to pursue steve. i had to have him, you see, because he wasn't giving me the time of day. and i just thought i was the playah of the century... and "how dare he ignore me???"

so i was going to teach him a lesson. we actually did (and still do) have a lot in common, especially in terms of musical tastes. i was looking for a new pad to live in and since i was going to be "in the area" we made a "date" so i could check out his (close to 1000) CDs. (i put quotes around date because i'm sure it wasn't a date to him, but i was going to make it one. heh)

i get to his pad, and he's just leaving the pool... just a bronzed god. all tan and toned... and i'm in lust. and then he's just bringing me stacks and stacks of CDs. lemme tell you, i was smitten. in case you didn't know, i love music. one of the few passions in my life. and so we're hanging out, and it's cool.

i'm wearing a tight t-shirt and white booty shorts... because damn it, i was gonna get me some... but, he just wasn't taking the bait... bastard.

we're hanging out for a bit... no moves... not on his part at least... then *begin angelic choir* he asks me if i want to watch a movie. score! movies are always good... it's a korean movie on vcd, called "the affair"... no english subtitles. i'm the worst person to ask to translate. i will just watch it and then when you ask me what they said, i'll answer, "they said no" or "he likes her" or something stupid like that. not explaining shit, basically.

so i'm doing my best to impress him... and just botching it up...
but, there were a few things on my side:
we're watching it on a portable dvd player, so our heads have to be close together (his dvd player couldn't play vcds at the time)
we're on his bed
the movie is about an affair. yes!

woohoo. so we get halfway through the movie before i make my move because he just wasn't doing it. you'd think by this time i'd give up and figure that he just wasn't into me and just enjoy his company. but no, i was determined.

we start kissing and just making out in general. and it is fan-freakin-tastic. i'm seeing fireworks and stars ... and this is just from kissing.

after a while, i decide, enough is enough. i'm gonna fuck him.

and he doesn't want to! i have NEVER been turned down... especially not mid-foreplay. holy crap. all sorts of thoughts run through my head...

"i should just leave."
"but the making out part is fun."
"but i could get this from anyone."
"but the chemistry is just THERE."
"but i'm not sure if i'm going get him in the sack."
"but, ooh, maybe i can 'convince' him."

i settled on trying to convince him. i tried to convince him for hours to no avail.

it was pretty dark out when i left. i did what any other self-respecting girl would do. told him i had plans later that evening (which i did) and left. i promptly called my saturday night date and told him i wasn't going to be able to make it. i just did not want to see anyone. then i called julia...
me: jules...
jules: so, what happened?
me: he's gay.
jules: what the fuck?
me: he's gay. he's gotta be gay. never mind the fact that we just spent hours making out. he's gay.
jules: (in a patronizing voice) yeah. he's gay.
me: i can't believe i didn't get any!
jules: it's 'cause he's gay.
me: yeah...

eh, the conversation went something like that... you get the point.

lest you think it was a bad experience, i will clarify. it wasn't. it just made me want him more. then i started stalking him. calling him, having him come over, inviting him for lunch so i could thank him for burning some random cd for me... blah, blah, the works. couple of weeks later he was mine... and you know what they say about the rest, right?

but, i showed him! i married him! :P hehehe...


Blogger Kis Lee said...

ok, that's hilarious, esp. the "gay" conversation.

a long makeout session is always fun.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

Tee hee...I especially like how you wore "booty" shorts because you wanted to get some!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Angelina said...

you saw stars??


1:59 PM  
Blogger grace said...

sure, it's hilarious now!

i felt so rejected! hehe...

and yes, stars and fireworks... the whole shebang.... *sigh*

3:35 PM  
Blogger julia said...

steve... if you are reading this.. i hope you know that i only said you were gay because she said it first. and come on.. who wouldn't want to bone gracie the first night? hehehe..

if gracie was throwing herself at me.. i would be all over that.. :P

oh.. and i hate to tell you this gracie.. but i think steve showed you.. he got you to get rid of all the losers. =)

3:44 PM  
Blogger julia said...

oh.. and thanks for helping me win the contest.. err.. yeah.. i won by a lot, huh? heheh..

such a skank. :P

3:45 PM  
Blogger grace said...

yeah, well, the game is over now! so there. hehe. if we ended the game when i met steve, we still would've been tied. ehehe. *sore loser*

and yeah, i know. he showed me. heh.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Quyen said...

Freakin' hilarious! Your Korean VCD translating skills reminds me of sitting around with my friends waiting for them to tell me what the hell is going on :P And for the record, I think you showed him... There's nothing better than doing something stupid, looking at him, and saying, "haha, you chose ME" ;)

5:41 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

I just don't know what I would of done after he said no. What were you thinking Steve? What changed your mind?
Jules rocks for supporting you in your time of need. I'm glad it all worked out in the end though.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Kurt said...

You were awed by his will power, no doubt. A lesser man would've succumbed immediately to the temptation. -how do you do a wry smile? is it ;)

1:44 PM  

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