i'm such an idiot.

i thought i published my last post, but i clicked on save as draft. oops.

anyway, we watched the big bounce last night. not a great movie. but owen wilson (once again) just made that movie. he is the saviour of B flicks. there are a couple of movies that even he couldn't save, but it's not like he's god or anything. :P

the movie was entertaining enough, though... elmore leonard books make for entertaining movies, usually... steve and i brought a bunch of elmore leonard books with us when we went to europe... for train and plane rides and such. they were quick and easy reads. and we could just leave them there for the next bored traveller when we were done, thus making our backpacks a LOT lighter by the end of the trip.

man, that was a fun trip... even if i did get deathly ill and couldn't really enjoy barcelona :( i wouldn't trade that trip for anything, though. i would love to go back sometime... maybe when we're all old and retired. hehe... that would be great. except we wouldn't be able to walk around too much. but it'd still be fun. i know it's silly and sentimental, but i think i would like to travel with steve when we're old... and we can hold hands and walk around and go to bed early hehe... but most likely, it'd not be that great. i'd probably still have a bad temper and get mad at steve for no reason and i'd be drooling all over myself, spilling food and getting into car accidents and shit like that...

what the hell was i writing about? i'm losing my mind. i think it's brain failure due to being overpowerpointed. at least the presentation's still under 200 pages including the appendix. woohoo! sometimes, it can get to be over 400 pages and that's when you really go insane.

i need a new job. one that doesn't require me to ever use powerpoint again. EVER. i think my dream job would be not to have to work at all. my dream job is to be a lady of leisure. hehehe. when i first got out of college and first started working, i thought that it would be SO weird if i didn't work and i thought that even if i didn't need the money, i would continue to work. i know i've only been working full-time for about 5 years now, but it feels like 10. i swear i age twice as fast now than i did when i was in school.... ahhh, so why don't you go back to school, you ask? i couldn't handle anymore homework or tests. hehe... basically, i'm lazy.

well, i think i would feel bad if i didn't work at all ever again cuz i wouldn't want steve to have the full burden of supporting me... and i'd feel guilty... maybe i could work part-time. hehe... i don't think i'd hate my job so much if i could just work part-time. like, show up for the first and last weeks of every month. or even if i just got every wednesday off or something. i'd even settle for that. i wish they'd give us an option to work 10 hour days, 4 days a week. that would be nice. and it's not my boss. i mean, he makes my job tolerable. i think it's just the thought of working for The Man.

i really should do something about that... but, what????


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