our stupid travel dept...

we just got this email today. first of all, we all know that this damned alert is bogus. second.... today is the 10th. the alert was on the 2nd. WTF takes our travel department so fucking long to get this to us... do they have ANY idea how many people travel every day at our company??? they SHOULD because they're supposed to be making all of the travel itineraries for the salespeople....

it's not like they actually work. i mean, please. it's not that difficult to make travel plans. they don't even find us good deals. it's easier and cheaper to just do it ourselves... i think they should all be fired. bastard fucks.

Distribution: All TAIS employees
As of August 2nd, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge ordered the terror alert raised from YELLOW to ORANGE in areas around these five buildings:
· The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington.
· The offices of Citigroup and the New York Stock Exchange in New York.
· The Prudential Plaza building in Newark, N.J.

FYI, the Republican National Convention will be held at Madison Square Garden in NYC August 30 through September 2, which also houses Penn Station, a major commuter hub. If you have a business trip to any of these areas, you can enhance our personal safety by:
1. Checking news sources regularly.
2. Avoiding any potential terrorist targets such as airport or hotel lobbies, monumental buildings, tourist attractions, stadiums and arenas, and public transportation systems.
3. Avoiding any area where there are large crowds of people.
4. If you are involved in or nearby an incident, please let your Manager know your situation as soon as possible.
Please be safe in your travels!


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