final fantasy: crystal chronicles

i started playing ff:cc on saturday night, briefly... it was kinda fun... the characters are oh, so kawaii!!!! gameplay's a little hard to get the hang of. and it's not turn-based which i like better for the ff games... but, it's okay... EXCEPT... the saving. you have to leave the town you're in to save. which would be fine, if they plopped you back where you saved. but, no. they put you back at the beginning of the town and you have to fight all the same monsters again. which is a serious pain.

so, on saturday night, i played for maybe an hour or so... and went to sleep... now, throughout the level, it will stop the gameplay after something happens and it'll say: New Diary Entry... and there were no save points... so, this whole time i'm assuming that the new diary entries are saves. i'm just glad i was too tired to play anymore. i would've been PISSED OFF if i played any more than that...

yeah, so i had to redo it yesterday... when i found out, i was all mumbling: goddamn mother fucking whores... good thing steve already knows i'm crazy. otherwise, he would've been scared. heh.

things they could do to make ff:cc better:
1. make the characters more responsive to the attack button. every time i push the "A" button, it takes forever for the stupid character to attack. it's almost impossible to make the character do a combo move.
2. make the character MOVE when you push the thumbstick. i kept on getting hit even when i was trying to move it. you can't hit and run as fast as you'd like to. it sucked ass.
3. put some effin' save points in the damned game. and start you off where you saved last.

i only played that one level, so i'm sure i'll have more complaints... hehe... i was so pissed yesterday, i was gonna get rid of the game... i'll give it another try, though. maybe tonight.


Blogger Amber_sun said...

Okay do I sound like an old lady if I say I can't figure out Final Fantasy to save my life? Hmph, I have the hardest time figuring out all those games. There are just TOO many dern buttons! Whatever happened to one joystick and a shooting button. Ooh, now I know I sound old. But since I'm already there...guess what I played Saturday, Millipede! (At an old school arcade). That's my stuff! ;)

2:04 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i suck at millipede. i've decided that i don't like games that require me to move quickly. hehe. i think that's why i tend to gravitate towards turn-based rpg's. i start freaking out and sweating when there's no time to pause or think in between moves. hehe.

2:20 PM  

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