the music that they constantly play.... says nothing to me about my life....

i could listen to morrissey over and over again and not get sick of him or his songs.

driving to work was brutal this morning. there was nothing good on the radio. there never is anymore. i'm prolly just an old fart, but still... i just can't stand most of the shit they play these days. it's really pretty depressing. so i switched over to my cd player and morrissey was in and he's singing the line that's the title of my post... and i felt instantly better.

if you've never watched pensacola: wings of gold... or wings of fire... or... fuck. i dunno. anyway, if you've never seen it, thank your tv gods... i was at the gym this morning and this show was on tnt... it was the absolute worst show i've ever seen. the dialogue was terrible, the acting was terrible... it was SO bad it was almost good. almost. i really don't think they could've increased the cheese factor. i'm sure these terrible actors are making way more money than i do, but i'd be so embarrassed if i were an actor on the show and someone asked me what i did... and i told them i was an actor on THIS show... omg. it was a travesty. and i hope to god i never have to watch it again...

it was way better than the faith healing show that was on the other channel... this guy's totally jerking this lady around... i mean, physically... if she wasn't hurt before, she certainly is now.

and they didn't have the closed captioning on cnn... so, all i could do was read the ticker at the bottom... that gets old pretty quick. i'm going to need to subscribe to more magazines or something. and start bringing my music to the gym again. we get a total of 4 songs that rotate through their speakers: pieces of me (don't even know who sings it...), some avril lavigne song (i saw her perform it on SNL... dude, she sucks), either baby boy or naughty girl, and some guy band with some crap song. it's painful. it really is. but, my cd player is such a pain to carry around. pretty unwieldy. gonna have to invest in an ipod... the pink one :D or the green one :D or the blue one :D or the big white one and put all my music on it.. hrmm...


Blogger julia said...

OOO! tell steve to get you an mpq player for the next wifey appreciation week!

i love mine, but my sister stole it from me. any way, she says it's great when she works out..

3:41 PM  
Blogger grace said...

ooh! now i don't have to tell him cuz you did! :P hehehe... j/k... i get to travel... i don't need a stinkin' iPod :P

4:40 PM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

what really sucks about music today isn't so much the music itself (okay, yeah it is) but the fact that radio stations are in cahoots with the music companies so they don't plan unknowns and B-sides anymore! Oh well, que sera!

6:36 PM  

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