holy babbler, batman!

so, i get onto my dashboard and i have 69 posts... damn. i ramble a LOT. scary.

last night we went to a friend's housewarming party (jules, you get that pic? hehe. send it over to me... i wanna see what i texted you. i can't remember....hehe)... it was all right.... i never hang out with that many korean people at a time... it was like culture shock for me. hehe... i'm ji's whitest friend. hehe... everyone was nice enough, i guess... i didn't really know anyone... so it was kinda weird. drank too much. and then i passed out in the car on the way home. heh...

i had like 3 cigarettes though. i felt sick afterwards. and the night before i had 2 or 3 drags off of ben's cigarette... i think steve's okay with it as long as i don't start up again. i think i'll be okay, as long as i don't buy my own pack. heh. as long as i have to mooch, i won't get hooked again. yeah. yeah. yeah. actually, i'm not craving any today. so i think i'm good. ... do i sound like i'm trying to convince myself? heh. i'm serious, though!

but, this is my year to have fun... you know, go nuts and get all my vices out of the way... heh. although, after taking that hell test, i think i may not need to have any more fun. hehe... i'm still baffled that jules got a lower score than i did. sheesh. what is this world coming to.

mmm. steve just made us blueberry milkshakes. i told him i like his milkshakes... he told me he likes mine :P he's silly.

the japanese executives are back next week... that's the only reason why i'm on a computer today. i'm working ... only on draft 2 of the final presentation i need to do. hopefully this week will go by fast... i'm looking forward to seeing jules and jeaneil up in napa.

which reminds me... the massage people never sent me any sort of confirmation that they were gonna go to jeaneil's on saturday afternoon... i'd better email them again.

Okay. Bastards. They'd better email me back this time.

Yesterday, Ji was trying to tell me that I needed to be friends with Mel because we've been friends for over a decade. Whatever. I told her, "Uhm, no. I don't."

Ji: But, Grace...
Me: Yeah?
Ji: You should call her.
Me: No. I really don't want to. She's so different now, we have nothing in common, she's condescending and judgemental, so no.
Ji: Okay...

hehe. since when did ji turn into the nice girl? sheesh. hehehe. ooh, i hope our 10 year reunion isn't uncomfortable, though. i keep having friggin' dreams about her stupid wedding. i can't wait until this whole clusterfuck of an event is over!

it's 11:15 sunday... hehe... waiting for julia to call me.... can't wait to hear the scoop on his stupid family. heh.

powerpoint calls. kill me now.


Blogger MeEh!! said...

Holy your write a lot!! heh, Don't you hate that when all these Koreans come together and you feel out of place, i hate Koreans!! hehehhe

I need to learn from you Grace and tell myself its time for me to have fun!! Sheesh I'm a prude, I don't do anything, I'm like a hermit lost in its shell... Wut a looser.

Okeee, gotta go to class... by the way, thanks for the lil edu-ma-K-shun bout the blog thangy....

11:04 AM  
Blogger grace said...

yeah, i don't normally feel all that comfortable when i'm surrounded by korean folks. sad, huh? i can't help it that my parents raised me to be an individual and they all herd together in their little cliques like sheep! :P hehehe hehehe. j/k. i just didn't grow up around many koreans and i just don't feel comfortable. ah well...

2:15 PM  

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