13 going on 30...

so, i watched 13 going on 30 last night. for the record, i didn't pick the movie... but in his defense, i think he just wanted to see jennifer garner in a pink nightie. anyway, yeah. despite the fact that i seriously thought i would never see that movie, i did... and surprisingly enough, i enjoyed it.

the two kids that play jenna and matt as kids were terrific together. you could really believe that they were best friends... and in the beginning when she hurts him, you could seriously feel that pain. i almost cried. i swear! hehe. i was all tearing up. hehe.

jennifer garner does a kickass job of portraying a confused, awkward 13 year old in the body of a successful, beautiful 30 year old... there were quite a few cringe moments... heh. like when her boyfriend starts stripping for her... to ice, ice baby... and a medley of other songs... of course he's a hockey player which makes it even funnier because of the song and the ice... and well, never mind. you get it, right? heh.

ooh, ooh. one of my favorite lines was when jennifer garner is in the elevator with a 13 year old girl and the girl says to her: i like your dress. and she replies back (a little too enthusiastically): thanks! that's cuz i've got these incredible boobs to fill it out!

when her 30 year old body is walking around on those heels in the beginning, she has the awkward coltish gait of a 13 year old trying on her mom's heels... it's really quite endearing...

andy serkis is devilishly wonderful as jenna's boss. every line he delivers is crisp... it took me a while to realize that he was andy serkis... all i could think about was gollum ... "we wants it! and the nasty little hobbitses took the precious!"

but, i have some beef with the movie... i know it's just a movie and all but...
1. if her family and matt's family live next door to each other in new jersey all their lives... WHERE'S the NJ accent???
2. (this is actually a funny comment from steve) what white taxi driver is not gonna know rick springfield from springsteen?
3. and my comment was: what guy from NJ is going to confuse rick springfield with THE BOSS? good god! jersey LOVES springsteen! hehe...
4. so, in order for a woman to be completely happy, she shouldn't be a successful mag editor.. instead, she should get married to her childhood sweetheart and move into a friggin' pink barbie dreamhouse? what, she couldn't have it both ways? sheesh... in order to be nice, you have to be conventional? in order to be happy you can't be a high-powered executive? (although, in my company, you can't be woman and nice and powerful... but that's a whole other rant... i don't know how it is in other corps...)
5. if matt's an artsy photographer living in the village, he is NOT moving into the damn 'burbs into a friggin' pink barbie dreamhouse... if he marries her and they're all nice and happy together, he wouldn't turn into the quirky artist type he became... he's going to wake up and ask, is this my beautiful house? is this my beautiful wife? and he'll realized that he missed out on life.
6. and finally, you know part of the reason why she decided on getting together with matt in the end was cuz he ended up being a sensitive hottie, as opposed to the blond idiotboy she WAS seeing.

who knew i would get so heated about a movie geared to 13 year olds????

okay, but despite my cynicysm, it really was pretty enjoyable. a lot better than i thought it would be. also, when i first saw mark ruffalo, i didn't think he was that cute, but he sure got a lot better looking as the movie went on...


Blogger Amber_sun said...

Saw this one too Gracie but was not feeling it so much. I like Jen Garner and she did do a good job at the whole awkward bit but it felt like something was missing. What, I don't know. Plus I was so distracted by the way the camera guys tried to hide the fact that Mark Ruffalo is shorter than JG. That was frigging hilarious!

4:10 PM  
Blogger grace said...

mark ruffalo may be shorter, but he's still a hottie... hehe... ruff! ruff! :P

4:28 PM  

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