so, i'm finally in napa now. it took me 8 damn hours to drive up here. i'm getting too old for this shit. next time i'm flying.

my neck is killing me. thank god we're getting massages today. woohoo! i NEED it.

i'm with jeaneil and her 3 kids. they're so cute. they get really wound up. it's funny. but then jeaneil uses her mommy voice. and then i get scared. and i didn't even do anything wrong. hehe...

so, woohoo! i'm still cute! i totally got hit on when i was driving up by myself. hehe. i forget. no one even looks at me when i'm with steve. hehe... little do these guys know that he'd pimp me out for the right price any day :P hehehe...

speaking of steve, i'm worried. he hasn't called me back and i called him twice already. where is he? :( call me, if you get online today, okay?

just waiting for jules... oh, wait. she's here. woohoo! party time :D



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