i'm baaaaack...

holy god. i'm tired. i woke up at 2:30 this morning so i could get back here... to work. yay. ufff.

so, the weekend was good... saturday we got these great massages... they come to your house (or hotel or wherever you're staying)... i got this guy (cuz i said i didn't care if it was male or female... i'm guessing female masseuses are more popular...) anyway, he was from ukraine... or croatia.... wait... both. whatever. he tried to hook me up with his friend, who was korean, as well. how friggin' hilarious. besides the fact that i'm married, i don't like korean guys. i can't help it. most of them are just not attractive to me. maybe because i can't help but think of my dad and my bro. gross. blech. but, at any rate, i could've had a date on saturday night! hot damn! steve, you're cramping my style! :P hehehe... hehehehe. i'm funny.

then we went to this GREAT tapas place in downtown napa. downtown napa used to suck ass as far as getting good food. all the good food was in yountville or st. helena or calistoga... but now, downtown napa has good food, too :D we ate waaaaaayyy too much... eating tapas reminded me of when we were in barcelona... and we were starving... and we had tapas... sooo good... until i saw the cockroach just hanging out near the food. i almost had a heartattack... but i tried to play it cool because i didn't want them to think i was just another wussy american. hehe. but, really i wanted to scream and cry all at the same time. anyway, the ambience was different, but it was still really great...

then, we went back to jeaneil's and we played the BEST game in the whole widest world! KARAOKE REVOLUTION!!!! hehehe. it was great... we even got jonny to sing a song. hehehe. and he NEVER sings. EVER. it was unbelievable. jeaneil didn't want to play... but after a couple of drinks, we couldn't get her to stop. she was the little platinum record queen. it was funny... jules was a good sport... hehehe... we kept on picking these songs for her when she wasn't paying attention. hehehehe. it was funny as hell...

jules and jonny started doing shots... and they (by they, i mean jonny) gave me a hard time for not doing any shots with them... i couldn't help it! i was full! i ate WAY too much! so, being the sucker for peer pressure that i am, i took a shot against my better judgement. first of all, it was a shot of SMIRNOFF. call me a snob, but i NEVER drink SMIRNOFF... EVER. (unless it's a horrible well drink at a bar and i have no money for anything better...) it's just disgusting. especially for shots. blech. second, i was really, really full... so, i take a shot and i swear, it was just stuck in my throat and i'm trying my hardest to swallow (huh huh... swallow) and make it to the fridge to get some water or ANYTHING to chase it down with, but i can barely see because my eyes are watering so bad... and i can barely breathe because i feel like my chest is on FIRE. good lord. i'm never doing that again...

and jonny kept trying to get jules and me to make out. what's wrong with him, anyway? sheesh... if you're gonna make out with someone, it can't be a friend. it would just be friggin' weird. stupid, stupid boy.

at 2am, we ended up calling larry. wtf is wrong with us? i'm all, uhm... were you sleeping? and then i forgot what else i said to him... then jules talked to him. i have no idea why we even called.

so, larry, if you read this... i'm sorry! i was going to say we're sorry... but i have no idea if they are or not :P

then we went to the wedding on sunday. it was nice. abigail's dress was a much nicer version of mel's dress. hehe. and i'm not just saying that cuz mel and i aren't on speaking terms. ask jules. she'll tell you :P hehehe... and despite the location of the wedding, it was actually quite nice. the only problem was that there was NO ALCOHOL. that's right. you read that correctly... i wanted to die...

i ran into an ex at brabigail's wedding. (brad + abigail = brabigail... see? i'm effin' funny)... he was really weird. i didn't think we broke up on bad terms, really... but he's always been really weird around me the 2 or 3 times we've seen each other... we dated when i was 15 or something like that. he's weird. anyway, this is what happened:

me: hey, what's up? (reaching out for a hug)
ex: hey, (no hug) grace... this is isabel (or whatever her name was... i think it was isabel.)
me: (pretending like i wasn't leaning in for a hug) hi! it's nice to meet you!
gf: nice to meet you!
me: sooo, where'd you meet?
blah, blah, blah...
ex: (giving me a hug) oh, so when did that happen? (pointing at my ring)
me: almost 2 years ago...
blah, blah, blah....

like, what... it's okay for him to give me a hug because i'm married? guys are so retarded.

this is what should've happened:
me: hey, what's up? (reaching out for a hug)
ex: hey (giving me a hug) how're you? (or "nice to see you" or something to that effect...)
me: i'm fine...
ex: this is my gf isabel...
blah, blah, blah

what a fucking retard. he made it unnecessarily uncomfortable. now she thinks something's up, i'm sure... so retarded. guys are STUPID MFs.

anyway, i was going to post pics, but i can't get my stupid, stupid computer to read the sd card. piece of shit. it wouldn't work for shit this morning. my computer wouldn't turn on, then it just shut off once, then it just rebooted on its own. i need a new system. why is my company so cheap?! i mean, we make these things for god's sake.

i'll have to post pics later.... jules does good eyeshadow on herself. :) and for some reason, she refuses to teach me :P it's prolly for the best. i'd fuck it up. hehe... one day, though... i will have pretty eye makeup. yes, i will....

i'm fucking delirious right now. i only got about 3 hours of sleep last night... and my neck is killing me. i'm too old for this shit. no more driving for me.

i'm going to try to get to a chiropractor or something. this is bullshit.


Blogger julia said...

that's hot.

yes, i will confirm that abigail's dress is a much better version than mel's. it was sooooooooooo beautiful.

i gotta write a blog.. :P

2:37 PM  
Blogger grace said...

har! that's hot.

2:51 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i forgot to say that we watched an episode of the simple life... and we started making fun of them for saying 'that's hot'... and now we can't stop :P

2:53 PM  

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