i'm drunk

so, what else is new?

little eyes and boyfriend are here. and we're playing karaoke revolution. it's fun .... drunk blogging is fun.

boyfriend is singing sweet home alabama. HAH!

that's some funny ass shit.

yikes. i'm drunk. i may need steve to hold back my hair as i puke.

surprisingly, i drank a lot today. 4 or 5 shots of sake, 2 vodka tonics, one special steve drink, one vodka grape juice concoction (huh huh. con-cock-tion) and i'm drunk as fuck... this is sad. i'm the only drunk person here. that sucks... actually, it's fun...

i have to take a piss.

s: the special steve drink was my vodka frapuccino...damn, how the hell do you spell that? oh well, whatever...le is now singing "it's my life"...it's like gwen is here in our home!!

now grace is singing "papa don't preach"...it's all about the pop songs after a few drinks...

next up: jason on "rock and roll all night"! yeaaaahhh baby!

hi, it's little eyes here, an d iim buzzed a litle my bf is singing karoake for the first time, and he's doing great. it was great talking to mike and nina for the first time. i wish i could have talked longer but i was a little fuckedup. i'm kinda fucked right now because it's been a while since i've drunk. is that a verb? steve is singing jamiroquai and he's doing pretty fucking good. fuck@

g: LE is commanding me to type. but i don't feel like it. fuck it. i'm done. i'm very drunk.... seriously... i even have a headache. this is sad. damn it. i guess it's not a good drinking night for me. yikes. i could pass out right fucking now.

le: gracie is going to do let's get it in on by marvin gaye...fucking tough song, but she's doing great so far. she should be on americna idol, she'd fucking kill them.

s: jason has "friends in low places"...oh, and le somehow knows just when to do genie moves when she's singing "genie in a bottle" even though she's "never seen the video" :P

ok, i just did "my girl" and now le is rockin' "here without you"...next up, me on "i'm without you"...

le:hi, steve is doing avril and doing fucking great. look out american idol. we'd win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

s: le just blazed "white flag"...wow, they really love the dido on these games...

le: grace is paseed out, fucking lightweight!

s: le is closer to "paseed" out than she thinks :P now she's all over "we are family"...and now grace is back from the dead with "every breath you take" which works very well with a heavy slur...hey, remember when sting used to be cool? what the hell happened? when did he become the tony robbins of rock? damn, he really needs to get back together with andy and stewart...

grace is alive again with "i will survive"...indeed...

ok, we just watched fatboy slim tear up brighton beach on dvd on the projector with the surround and subwoofer pumped up...mmm...just like being there...

g: i'm aliiiiive! wooty woot! i just needed to rest my eyes for a second :P we're trying to con the bunny into coming out and saying hello to our guests... come here, little baby bunny! :P

okay... everyone's gone now... g'night, gracie. oh, wait. that's me. damn. i just got my second wind, too. fucking party poopers :P who's the lightweight now? oh. that's still me. DAMN IT!


Blogger Mike said...

COPYCATS!!! You no good, dratty, poopy headed, meany, crummy, toe smelling, wipers of other peoples' bottoms!

Drunken blogging? Group posting? Karaoke Revolution? "Steve" drinks? Hammered by dusk?

I feel so... so dirty and used.

Just kidding. I'm glad you guys finally hooked up. Can't wait to meet LE and LE's B. We'll see you all soon. Happy hangovers.


7:32 AM  
Blogger cat said...

i so need to quit my job and fly to clifornia to play with all of you people! no one wants to play karaoke revolution with me here. i'm so lonely. and i even FOUND kr3 this week at the store (woot!) only i didn't have the money for it so i'll have to get it after payday - assuming i have enough for the "grown up" things like bills and groceries...

i want to play in CA!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Edward said...

Drunk karaoke sounds fun...gotta try that next time I'm wasted.

1:11 PM  
Blogger julia said...

that's it, we are having drunk karaoke night when i fly down in may.. :P and i don't care if it's a work night.. :P

thanks for the drunk call, i was going out of my mind packing.. :) hearing you say "i'm dunk" twice made my night. :P

5:14 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

heh, i guess steve noticed how buzzed i really was. yep, was close to passing out a few times.

good times, good times.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

You guys are lucky to have other Bloggers living near by. I wish I was allowed to live in the US so I could have too...

10:58 PM  
Blogger grace said...

mike: no one can replace you... singing "flashdance" NO ONE! also, you LIKE feeling dirty and used :P

cat: CA's where it's at! :P

ed: yes... you should!

jules: hehe... yeah. i was pretty hammered. :P maybe i'll take the next day off work ... hehe.

le: HAH! i wish we had the video camera out...

ian: if you ever get your butt out here, you'll have to let us know! :D

12:33 PM  

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