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AVP: Alien vs. Predator. uhm... yeah... the best part of the whole movie for me was the MPAA rating screen... and they gave a disclaimer about there being violence, gore and slime in the movie. SLIME? SLIME is bad? christ... nickelodeon should be like, NC-17 then, no? idiots. it was pretty bad... and there's no fucking alien versus predator action until we were about an hour into the movie. jeezus. why didn't they just name it cute girl versus alien? christ. anyway, i do want them to make a sequel to it, though. not because it's good but because *SPOILER ALERT* i want to see what the spawn of the alien and the predator will be like...

Igby Goes Down. such a great flick. this is the second time i've seen it. a culkin boy at his finest. he plays an angsty rich boy. his father is in the insane asylum and his mother is just mean, pushy, and manipulative. igby can't figure out how to navigate himself through life. he gets kicked out of school after school. it's basically a coming of age story... it's a good one, though. promise.

My Architect. documentary about an illegitimate son trying to find out more about his father, louis kahn, famed architect. it was so good. i also love documentaries. this movie was ... so... i don't know. made me want to do something with my life. something... worthwhile. something
that would... i dunno. leave a mark. but i won't. and that's sad. anyway, it's a wonderful documentary.


Super Monkey Ball 2. we spent some time this past weekend playing this game. fun, crazy, japanese wackiness! :P ooh, and check out this funny ass site. the characters are basically monkeys in balls... you can play a punching game, pool, bowling, golf... all sorts of mini-games... there's also a one-player game, too...

Mario Party 4. we also spent a lot of time playing this game. fun game. it's like a board game with mini-games interspersed. i sucked at it... makes me want to get all of them. i think they're up to mario party 6, now...

Karaoke Revolution 3. oh, how i love thee! it's so much fun!!!! also, you can do duets! we didn't get to do any because we didn't have another mic... but one day, oh, one day, we will!!! it's just so fun... but only if you like to sing... by the way, mike sings GREAT. hehe... everyone should hear him sing once.


Ludacris: Red Light District. hrm... what to say about this one... it was fun, i guess. i'm not a huge fan of ludacris. maybe it's because i keep wanting to spell it ludicrous. he definitely has some fun and catchy shit, though...

Jennifer Lopez: Rebirth. okay... everyone has their guilty pleasures. not that i LOVE her or anything, but i have to admit that some of her shit is catchy. and i find myself singing along despite myself... and yeah, she has a shitload of uninspired bullshit... but god... every once in a while, she comes out with some fun stuff... as far as this album goes? she has one good song. her current single, "get right." other than that, the rest of the album is shit. album will be released 3/1.

Erasure: Nightbird. i love erasure. i love mostly their older stuff... well, i wasn't that fond of their Other People's Songs album. but other than that, i love their stuff. sure, most of their songs start off the same way.... but i still love their music. this album was a very solid album. usually there are one or two songs that i just LOVE and will listen to over and over again. i didn't find any in this album, but it's very listenable.

New Order: Waiting for the Sirens' Call. this is a fucking great album. maybe i'm biased because i love new order. i especially love their first single off this album, "krafty." i always thought that bernard sumners' voice was a little weak, but it just so works for the music. drops 3/28.

Moby: Hotel. i only listened to the first cd of the 2 cd set. it's a lot more eclectic than his album, Play. or even 18. play was a huge hit with dancing tunes galore, 18 was much more melancholy. this one... well... it's pretty good. you can't expect it to be like Play or 18, though. there is a cover of New Order's Temptation that shouldn't be missed, though. nothing like new order. it's beautiful. album drops 3/22.

The Game: The Documentary. the newest member of G-G-G-G-G-G-G-unit! the album has a lot of big name guests and guest producers on it. it's a good album. i'm sure if i gave it another listen (we were driving back from AZ and i kept falling asleep) i'd like it a lot more. steve described it as "solid." i do have to say that the bass lines on it are fucking insane. i thought my speakers were going to blow. i changed the bass to just about no bass and it was still just thumping.

Audio Bullys. listened to an essential mix from years ago. british duo... not like anything you've heard before. i'm still not sure if i love them or not. they remind me of basement jaxx a little bit (maybe it's because they're both duos) but ... they're just dirtier... in a good way.

Black Sun Empire. drum 'n' bass that hits hard. i love black sun empire. everyone should listen to them. EVERYONE.


Blogger Kis Lee said...

j-lo, eh? well, i'll listen to anything once.

i like that "how we do" song by the game. it gets stuck in my head everytime i hear it.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Agent_LAH said...

HAHA...you even had the right number of G's in G-Unit. I love that about you.

7:34 PM  
Blogger grace said...

le: hey, don't forget, i said the album was shit!

lah: of course, i did! i even double-checked the number of G's i put in! :P

8:39 AM  
Blogger Envoy-ette said...

Yes....AvP! I hated that the cute Italian guy was killed...*sob*.

8:29 PM  

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