uhm, not that...

yesterday, we got like 3 big ol' boxes in the mail... one was from friends... (thanks, guys! not opening it until xmas, though... we're going to be good.) one was from my boss' boss... who is basically the closest you can get to being president, if you're a white man. a really nice gift basket. it's all this stuff you need for breakfast in bed. really sweet.

was i supposed to get him something? i dunno. i mean, he only makes slightly more than i do. and by slightly, i mean at least 10 times more than i do. :P but i feel guilty. i gave the man a card.... sheesh.

the other package was our xmas present to us from us! a brand spankin' new AV PC. built in TV tuner... (all we need is cable. heh) i think it's an 80GB, 512MB... one of them fancy brite screens. a tad on the heavy side, but beeeeyooootiful. i just *heart* it. boy, it's a good thing that one guy that i help out a lot gave me some cash... it's all legal! i swear! it was just a little gift of appreciation. i love that man.

i had a dream last night that steve and i were on a spaceship. and there was no one else on the ship except for this guy i knew from high school, todd. in the middle of the room we were in, there was this circular ... thing. all around it had handles. starting with the color red, it went through the rainbow. but there weren't just 7 handles. it was huge. it started with red and in shades changed to orange, yellow, green, etc...

steve and i didn't know what to do with these big handles. todd said, "i'm going to figure it out." and ran out the airlock. steve and i just looked at each other like, wtf just happened????

there was some discussion as to what happened to his body... i can't really remember specifics.

and just a few seconds later, we were landing. we looked out of the window and there's this uninhabited planet. there were signs of a civilization (buildings and cities and such) but no creatures. and right when we should've hit the ground the hardest (we weren't strapped in, but we were bracing ourselves for the worst impact possible) we went completely weightless. it wasn't just me. the whole ship was just gliding along the ground. the smoothest landing ever.

and i still remember that feeling of weightlessness. it was weird.

no more watching battlestar galactica right before bed for me....

it's weird that todd was in my dream, though. he was such a sweetheart. and funny as hell. until we got into college and he started dating this girl, laura. damn, she was boring. and he turned into her. it was too bad... he had a great personality.


Blogger Cece said...

Again. My boss sucks. Plus he was hitting on one of my co-workers at the Christmas Party and he's married. So now I REALLY think he sucks.

11:06 AM  
Blogger J. said...

A card is good enough, IMO. And, you do that *heart* thing just to bother me, don't you?

12:32 PM  
Blogger grace said...

cece: you're right. your boss is a jackass :(

j: i didn't... but now that i know it bugs the crap outta you... :P

1:29 PM  

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