writer's block, anyone?

there's this site... that will instantly generate a post for you if you've got writer's block.

apparently, the makers of this site are obsessed with japanese schoolgirls. every time i would click on the button to make me a new post, it was about japanese schoolgirls.

after four attempts to generate something that made sense, i got this:
Last week my boss was listening to a radio program about standards of beauty among Japanese schoolgirls. He was very disturbed by the subject, so he axed my friend Alejandro about it, and he interrupted:

"Wow!.. Dude! I was just learning about Japanese schoolgirls in class!"

But then when my boss got to the part about the standards of beauty, Alejandro suddenly got this dangerous look in his eyes. But this morning, Alejandro's brother told me that the reason Alejandro was so freaked out was because he had to study standards of beauty in class. Sometimes Alejandro can be very unpredicatble like that, but all he cares about is my own good...
what in the fuck is that? first of all, he AXED his friend alejandro? second of all... unpredicatble? third... would anyone just put that as a post without ripping it apart? i mean, it's fucking stupid and ridiculous and ... stupid. christ, it doesn't really make sense.

i'd rather just not write anything at all. i mean, if i'm going to write stupid shit, i'd rather it be my own stupid shit. christ. i hate everything right now.


Blogger julia said...

HAHAHA.. that's some funny shit.. :P

3:40 PM  

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