fer chrisssakes!!!!

this is the second time today that right when i was about to fall asleep, i got a call from work. what in the fuck???

next time, i'm going in to work and i'm going to fucking mope about and infect everyone with my fucking illness... this is BULLSHIT.

i mean, i even logged out of IM so they would know that i was unavailable. so instead, they fucking call me... apparently, logging out of IM wasn't a big enough fucking hint.

if i were the person at work that needed my help, i would just recreate the spreadsheet. it's not that difficult. and it wouldn't really take that long. sure, it's faster and easier to call me to do it... but, still....

and i would do that because i knew that the person needed rest. so now i'm all fucking wound up and i won't be able to sleep. great. just great. and now that i can't sleep, they're not going to fucking bother me all day. and then they're going to wonder why i'm still fucking ill tomorrow.

oh, christ. i want to quit my job. i really, really do.


Blogger Amber_sun said...

okay tell those suckas that unless it is a crisis that equates with someone being on the floor with a trickle of blood coming from the side of their mouths that they are not to call you at home on a sick day, personal day or any GOT-DERN day that you are not at work.

2:54 PM  

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