ah, the beastie boys

went to the long beach convention center... never been there before... it's got these ginormous whales on the side of the building.

in the beginning, they've got a camera on mix master mike coming out of their trailer, coming into the conv. center. they all had matching outfits. green jogging suits with yellow shirts. in green it said beastie boys. looked like felt. they had trucker hats that had their names on it. mix master mike's said MMM. and he wasn't wearing the green jacket... he dropped the first record and the crowd went fucking nuts. huge screens on stage and there was a camera getting him cutting and scratching, it was pretty cool.

the concert was great. they have so much goddamned energy. jumping around and making fun of each other. and they posed for everyone with camera phones. of course i forgot my phone at home. damn it.

they did a lot of their hits... brass monkey, shake your rump, so whatcha want, paul revere... can't think right now... they did quite a few songs. only a few from their newest album.

mix master mike was great as usual. i love when the beastie boys are doing their own songs over other people's beats... they fucked up a few times, but it was still a good concert.

in the middle of the concert, they had on some light colored tuxes and they were playing the drums, bass, guitar... funk soul brothers. i couldn't tell who was playing what because i'm short. maybe steve knows...

they did 3 encores. for the first one, they went up into the stands. they said good night, but then they were back on the stage for encores 2 and 3. the third was dedicated to george bush and they sang sabotage... listen all y'all it's a sabotage!

they didn't go off on their political rants as they did when we saw them at coachella. they played the will ferrell as george bush commercial... but other than that, not much else.

at any rate, if you get a chance to see them, and you are a fan, go. you won't regret it...


i noticed that the older i get, the more claustrophic i get. when we went to the hollywood bowl several weeks ago, we were in this tunnel (it's a walkway that takes you from the parking lot to the bowl). i was hyperventilating and tears were streaming down my face. it took all the self-control i had (which isn't really saying much, i guess...) to stay calm and get through that damned tunnel. it was packed with hot and sweaty people... i almost lost it. i wanted to push past everyone and scream, "goddamnit, mother fuckers! get the fuck out of my way! sons of whores! move your asses!" we got out to fresh air just in time... and i was still having a hard time breathing and my eyes were still watering and i was all light-headed. not fun.

things like that never used to bother me. i used to like going to concerts and such and being smushed like a sardine in a can. i just can't deal with it anymore. so, last night, we're near the back because i couldn't see that well anyway and i wanted to be able to breathe. but still, it was fairly humid in there and it just smelled like sweaty people. i was okay for about a half hour and then i had to move to the way back just so i could breathe. steve likes to be way in the front in the middle of the action, so he had to suffer a little bit. poor guy.

what's with this claustrophobia? is it really claustrophobia? i don't know...


Blogger grace said...

oh, and i got a really cute baseball cap. baby blue and with white stitching: front says beastie boys, back says nyc. heh.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Cindy-Lou said...

Totally jealous right now.
and I SO get the claustrophobia thing at concerts and in tunnels. I stay to the back as well.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

damn that tunnel sounds like a nightmare. i think i'm mildly claustrophobic as well. then again, maybe it's just that i don't like people.

12:17 PM  
Blogger D-Nice said...

The beastie boys totally remind me of partying in HighSchool... I am glad they stayed away from the political mumbo jumbo... I dig the fighting for the right to party but freeing Tibet just sounds too complicated

12:34 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

I am soooo green with envy that you got to see the Boys!! It sounds like it was such an awesome show! My gym is right by the convention center, had I known you were gonna be there, I would've bought you a pre-show drink! By the way, Paul's Boutique is my favorite, too. It totally reminds me of high school!

1:49 PM  

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