yahoo's launchcast

is rocking my world right now... i have my very own channel... and i get to rate albums on their 4 star system.

basically from 0-4... 0 being "sweet baby jesus, don't play this again" to 4: "i'm going to have an orgasm, gimme more" okay, fine. those are my ratings.

and they play on random... yeah. it's cool.

my brain is on vacation.

but i finished my stupid spreadsheet. i hope i can go home now. :D

born slippy still rocks my world. i could never figure out what they were saying in the middle part ... so i just looked it up on lyricsfreak.com and holy shit! whaddaya know. he really was saying "mega mega white thing"...

okay, i have no fucking idea what that song is about. whatever. i love it. i think i need to ingest copious amounts of drugs. then it'll all make sense... yeah.... i need a dealer first. damn it! so many things in the way of enlightenment.


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