and i'm back!

still sick, but not as bad as yesterday. but the freezing cold a/c blasting on my head isn't going to make me feel better.

anyway, i'm going home early today. screw them. hehehe...

i had another weird dream last night. steve and i were in a maze of hothouses filled with tomatoes... all of these hothouses were loaded onto a train and steve and i were stowaways. heh. anyway, we're riding along and the train conductor comes in and tells us that the ticket is $100 to go crosscountry. steve hands over 2 crisp $100 bills.

we stop in san francisco. we're supposed to lock up our train car or whatever it is before we get out. as soon as we step off the train, it turns into a truck and we get mobbed by people trying to steal our shit. (which consisted of sleeping bags and an old ass boombox from the 80s.)

and then i woke up.

i think the hothouses were from our drive from vancouver back to seattle. saw a shitload of hothouses... and then the tomatoes i think are from our tomato plant. i was obsessing about them yesterday. they got some worms on them somehow so we were picking them off. i have no idea why we were stowaways...

wtf is wrong with me? why can't i just have normal dreams? about puppies and kittens and shit?


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