i sent mel a text message yesterday. partly for selfish reasons, and partly because i felt bad that her wedding was the ghetto wedding of the century. and a very little part because we have such a long history together... also, i really had nothing to lose, as we're not friends anymore, anyway.

it was short and sweet. no apologies, but i did sign it with a "love" at the end. and i wrote it in all lower case letters... so, it wasn't formal or anything...

beeyach didn't call or text me back.

the reason mel always treated me differently than her other friends is because i treated her with the least respect. i don't know what kind of weird masochistic issues she has, but i never gave in to her and she gave me the most respect because of it.

due to that fact, i wasn't going to call or anything... but, she also has a lot of pride issues. so i knew she wouldn't call me first....

seeing as i had nothing to lose, i decided to text her. i didn't want to call, because i really don't have anything to say...

i figure that she probably got it at work and then went home to discuss with stan what she should do because she can't do what she wants to do on her own anymore because she doesn't have an opinion anymore. whatthefuckever.

if she actually reaches out and texts me back (or calls or whatever) i may send her a wedding gift. emphasis on the "may." if she doesn't... oh, she is so in for it at our 10-year high school reunion. i know. i'm being "so high school" right now. it's only fitting. that's where we met.

and ya know what was really annoying??? when i told maria that i was thinking about texting mel, she said, "why???" all bitchy and shit. uhm. why is it okay for her to try to salvage their relationship but not me. i was very upfront with the whole thing, saying, that i wasn't opposed to being her friend after the wedding or whatever. or whenever she was ready.

i'm through with maria, too. at least i did what i really felt was the right thing to do instead of staying in the stupid wedding and then making a huge dramatic toast at the wedding. "oh, stan - we're so happy to have you in our family... oh, stan - we're so happy mel met a wonderful man like you... oh, stan - let me get down on my fatass knees and give you a blowjob right now... oh, stan, yeah, daddy, yeah."

i had a dream last night that i was at mel's wedding and we were just going at it... screaming at each other and shit. it was ugly. i don't think that'll happen... but if it ever does, eh, at least i'll be ready for it.


Blogger Amber_sun said...

at the risk of sounding Oprah-esque, you're the bigger person for reaching out... it kinda sounds (even with all the cussin')like you miss the friendship you guys once had... At any rate, is she reaches back, maybe you guys can re-build and if she doesn't, well hell, just kick her butt to the curb... :)

11:01 AM  
Blogger Nina said...

This is exactly why I have few female friends. Pettiness takes too much time and energy. I think you did the right thing by texting her. The ball is in her court. If she doesn't contact you within a week, you should call her if you're interested in salvaging your relationship with her. If not, call it done.

11:55 AM  
Blogger grace said...

A: i know we won't ever have the same friendship.

i don't even know why i text messaged her.

N: you're right. a week seems fair, although i already know that i'm not going to pursue anything else once her week's up...

girls suck sometimes. heh. not worth all the stupid drama.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

I agree with the other ladies.

Yeah, and it's much easier maintaining friendships w/ guys. they're so simple.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

I feel your pain, Sista! Last October I cut off a friendship that I had just had enough of. It was very hard and there was alot of drama, we had been friends since 7th grade, in each others weddings...blah blah blah...anyway, we were both at a mutual friend's birthday in January and I thought I would extend the olive branch. So I made the first move to talk to her and she looked right at me and said "I have NOTHING to say to you!" Okay then, I guess that's why we aren't friends!

1:01 PM  

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