windstruck/don't tempt me

windstruck has traces (big traces) of my sassy girl in it. they both even share the same main character. pretty girl with terrible manners and fiery personality finds a man who takes all of their bullying and does whatever they want. except both movies are a lot funnier than my description. although, some people say it's a prequel to my sassy girl, i don't know yet. i think it's true... maybe not... but i don't know because we haven't seen the ending... they're both really cute.

wait, actually, i'm not sure how cute windstruck is because it is neverending. we started watching it on our flight back, but we still have a half hour or so to go. maybe i'll hate the ending. i don't know. at any rate, it could've ended already and i would've been happy with the ending.... but it keeps going on and on and on... much like my blog... at any rate, here's a site ... i think it has a trailer... but i also think it's in korean. heh. http://www.yeochinso.com/


last night we watched don't tempt me or "sin noticias de dios." my boyfriend is in it. i love him. i wasn't going to watch it until i saw the beginning credits and saw his name...

at any rate, it's an interesting premise. two angels (penelope cruz and victoria abril) fight over a boxer's soul. not physically fight... so don't get too excited there's no cat fighting... heh. heaven and hell are both on earth. they both have operations managers and both sides want the soul of this boxer. heaven needs it because they're bankrupt and hell wants it for their annual report. penelope's job as the ambassador from hell is to make sure he goes back to boxing and gets killed. victoria's job is to keep him alive until he goes back to god and the church...

some holes in the plot, but it's entertaining enough. i don't normally think penelope cruz is a good actress, but she did a pretty good job here... my boyfriend does a weird english/spanish accent when he's speaking english. but that's okay. he's still a beautiful, beautiful man.


Blogger grace said...

oh, i guess windstruck is a prequel to my sassy girl. although they don't explain why she's not a cop in my sassy girl... steve said it best: it had a strong first hour but then it all got shot to hell.

still didn't stop me from crying. damn korean melodramatic moments....

8:39 PM  
Blogger The Hobo said...

I have yet to see My Sassy Girl, despite all and sundry telling me it is great. I think I will buy myself the DVD before the Hollywood remake appears and spoils my fun! With the odd, odd exception the originals are always the best!

3:26 AM  
Blogger grace said...

don't let all the hype ruin My Sassy Girl for you. i know some people thought it didn't live up to it. i hadn't even heard of it when steve screened it for me, so i luuuurved it.

8:46 AM  

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