what is it with people and their effin' babies????

no offense to parents... but your baby is probably only cute to you. don't get me wrong. i love kids. i love to hold them and play with them... and then i like to return them to the parents...

don't make us feel all obligated to tell you your baby's cute when your baby's just SO not cute...

i'm hearing this parent in another cube showing off his pics of his baby girl to another co-worker. i've seen this baby in person. she's hideous! when people think a baby is just cute because she's a baby, that's bullshit. there are ugly babies and there are cute babies.

i already know with all this shit i'm talking we're going to have an ugly ass kid (sorry, steve)... and i will of course subject anyone who looks at my blog (as well as anyone i come into contact with) to pictures and the daily goings on of my child... (omg, she's soooo smart, do you know what she did yesterday???? blah, blah, blah) i have no doubt i will be expecting people to tell me my child is cute... but until this happens and we have kids, i'm going to continue to talk shit about ugly babies.

just because they're little, it doesn' t make them cute. make him shut the fuck up! i can still hear him... there's just no blocking it out... and i hear all the women cooing and oohing and aaaahing. i can't possibly be the ONLY person here at work that thinks his child is ugly as sin!!! J, your child is hideously ugly. she's an exact replica of YOU. she has your nose... it's even the same size as your nose... holy god... i DON'T CARE that they go to gymboree class twice a week and swimming lessons. holy crap.

i think that these people who want to talk about their children should NOT subject other people to this bullshit. they need to take it outside or into an office or something. i could understand it if someone ASKED him about his girl... NOBODY ASKED!!!! he just busted out a pic and started talking about her. i'm going to strangle somebody.


Blogger julia said...

amen sister! i have a couple of people here that i would like to recommend a great plastic surgeon... hehe..

but you know.. sometimes they get cuter when they get a little older. there is a girl here that brought her baby in and i thought it was the hairiest, most hideous baby i had ever seen. i saw the baby about a month ago and she's really cute now.. :) so.. they still have hope.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

You know they always say your baby is beautiful to you...but I kinda think if my baby is ugly, I'm going to know. My baby is going be decked out in the Michael Jackson veil! ;)

4:51 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i'm not saying that the baby's gonna grow up ugly... i'm just saying she's ugly now! and everyone has to say how cute they are. jeezus. i'm sick of it :P

5:14 PM  

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