steve is the king of the one-liners...

but, i might be biased...

so, jules sends us her new orleans itinerary...

s: woo! now we can "earn" even more beads on bourbon street! :P
g: even more? you're getting beads, too, steve? hehehehehe... i can be the pimp! yay!
s: no no, i'm the pimp! i'll be happy to carry some of your overflow when they get too heavy around your neck!
g: but, i want to be the pimp :(
s: okayyy...but only if we run across some wealthy older ladies with beads the size of christmas ornaments...you know, so they're a close match to what i'm flashing to get them :P

he slays me... here's another email conversation regarding muffalettas:

s: i'll take me a whole muff :P
g: not two? :P
s: no no, one is more than enough for me :P

well, at least he knows that men can't handle more than one woman :P although it would be fun to try, huh, steve? :P hehehehehe


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