my mom...

don't get me wrong, i love my mom... BUT (there's always a but, isn't there?) DAMN, she drives me fucking insane.

this woman does not know how to turn on a computer. i just spent the last 20 minutes trying to explain to her how to send an email out to someone. and of course, her email service is ALL IN KOREAN. i can read it, but it's SLOW GOING. by slow, i mean, S-L-O-O-O-O-W. fuck. and then of course, having a short temper, i end up blowing up at her... and then apologizing... and then blowing up... and then apologizing. fuck.

mom: why can't i edit the text?
me: where's the email?
mom: the incoming mail box.
me: you need to forward it or reply or copy and paste it into a different email
mom: but, i don't know how!
me: just give me your password. i'll do it........ *time lapse* aw, crap. it's in korean!
mom: you know how to read it...
me: but it's just frustrating! and i don't understand what it all means!
mom: then read it to me...
me: that's even more frustrating!
mom: just tell me what it says...
me: forget it! just fffff (i really wanted to say fucking) forget it!
me: sorry... okay... what do you want me to do now?
mom: edit the letter
(editing, editing, editing, saved in the save as draft folder)
me: okay, done...
mom: i don't see it.
me: it's right there in the save as draft folder
mom: i don't see it.
me: it's right there!
mom: i don't see it.
me: yes, it is! i'm ffff... looking at it RIGHT NOW! mom, what are you looking at???
mom: the incoming mail box
me: i said look in the save as draft folder!
mom: can't you put it in the incoming mail box?
me: yeah, if i SEND it to you, but it's already there in the other folder, can't you just look at it? there's a link right ffff there!
mom: okay.....
me: sorry, mom... do you see it?
mom: i see it... how do you send it?
me: (in my head - oh, jeezus christ... the send button's right fucking there... fuck...) awww, jeezus... the send button, mom. the send button.
mom: where is it?
me: near the top, towards the left
mom: will it save a copy when i send it?
me: sorry... i'll just send it.
mom: thanks... you're so good to me.
*kicking myself... gawd, i'm such a bitch to her*

why does she have to be such a nice lady, huh?
knowing my luck, i'll end up being just like her... minus the sweetness.


Blogger julia said...

ehheheehehe.. i love your mommy.. hehe.. she's just like mine. except my mom knows i don't know how to read and she expects me to help her when she's on her han.net thingie.. she wanted me to how her how to send a picture attachment. i was like, it's all in korean.. when i asked her what it says she's all "i don't know." i said "uhh.. mom, it's in korean."

but, korean mommies are cute =)

did i tell you? my mom is always talking about how great you are.. and how glad she is that i'm your friend..and that i'd better not fuck up our relationship like i am with mel.. blah blah.. hehehe.. so i use you as an excuse.. she was yelling at me one time for going out clubbing and i said "grace goes clubbing.." and she said.. "uuha, really (learry?)?" then she stopped yelling at me.

1:43 PM  
Blogger black buttafly said...

My mommy is the same way... Except she's Ghanian. She just can't get the computer thing straight. She also can't keep fast food restaurants straight. A while ago we went to Burger King and she ordered a Big Mac the counter man was like ummm.... we don't have that it was Hilarious!!!

8:37 AM  
Blogger grace said...

use me and abuse me, baby :P

ji used to do that all the time... now her parents hate me, too. she'd say we were hanging out and shit... and i wouldn't even know where she was. damn. she was bad.

9:18 AM  

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