bjork ROCKS

through some magic voodoo way, steve got me the brand spankin' new bjork album.

steve rocks.
bjork rocks.

it's definitely trippy... like all her more recent shit... oh, and a lot of a capella shit... but, gawd, her voice - still dynamic.

if you ever get a chance, see her live. there's nothing like hearing her live in a beautiful venue with wonderful acoustics...

i have to admit, i still like her older stuff better (like, when she was with the sugarcubes... and the first few solo albums...) but there's something about her... ahhh, i wish i was more articulate. i can't think today. anyway, it's good. get it when it comes out!


Blogger julia said...

shut up! i want a copy!!! me love bjork long time.

11:35 AM  
Blogger grace said...

maybe if you're really nice to steve he'll burn you a copy :P

11:43 AM  

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