bunny buns...

we picked up monkey from the vet's.... she's pretty mellow. i'm not sure if it's the drugs or if she's just exhausted from getting spayed or what... i wish i could get the drugs she's on right now. hehe.

she's just chillin' outside on the balcony. i hope she starts eating soon.

i'm just drinking at home. supposed to be working since i did jackshit while i was at work... now i have to catch up at home. d'oh! but, now i'm buzzed and i REALLY don't feel like working. well, i never feel like working, really...

okay. i'm working now...

oy vey.


Blogger julia said...

poor bunny.. i hope that she's okee.. :)

where the hell are you??? it's 11:44am and you haven't posted one blog today.. eheheh.

11:45 AM  
Blogger grace said...

monkey's fine. she didn't move all night long... would you want to move if someone ripped out your insides? :( this morning she gingerly moved about... she kinda started eating a teeny tiny bit... i'm hoping she gets her appetite back by tonight :( bunnies are supposed to eat!

12:52 PM  

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