stupid customers

my husband got this from a customer today...

"Also, this week, we are having problems with different fax machines. We have had this problem before and it was because our lines and Qwest we not "in sink" with each other. I don't know the terminology. It is spermatic, but most of the faxes can sometimes send and sometimes not."

and you gotta LURVE the "in sink"... it almost would've been better if she typed "n'sync."

okay... what the fuck????

hehehe one of his friends wrote back with:

sperm.at.ic -- Pronunciation Key (sperm-AT-ick) also sperm.at.i.cal adj.
1. Occurring at irregular intervals, in spurts or gobs; sometimes prematurely or not at all. See Synonyms: gismodic.
2. Appearing in large, swimming schools, as a fish or tadpole.
3. An Ecstatic display of appreciation; "He was spermatic at the sight of her"

*i heart his geek friends* hehehe


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