monkey ... hump day... and other stuff...

so, we took the bunny in to get spayed today. apparently, if you don't spay them, female bunnies have a very high chance of getting uterine cancer. *sigh* so i'm in a bad mood today. i feel all worried.

we were in the waiting area and someone brought their cats in (they were in carriers, the bunny was not). so, one of the cats starts meowing and you should've seen the bunny. her eyes grew all wide and her pupils dilated and her ears went flat down against her back. she was so scared. it was funny... in a sad sort of way.

i hope they get done fast. i wanna take her home and baby her.


we watched starsky and hutch last night. it was pretty darned funny. maybe more so because i had read so many bad reviews on it, i was just expecting the worst? i dunno. i absolutely adore owen wilson, though. he is so goddamned funny. he just has that comic timing and he can pull off lines like nobody's business. i like ben stiller, too... though i think he's a tad bit overrated. i did like him in zoolander, though. heh. anyway, the extra content on the S&H dvd is enough to rent it. there's a snoop 'fashion show' and some interviews that just cracked me up.


i got this great brown rice and green tea stuff at the korean store the other week. it's WAY better than the other brands i've been drinking. this is much smoother and there's no sediment at the bottom of the cup. mmm. tasty.


i got an email from this guy who apparently has his stupid short film showing at some festival. normally i would be excited for people who could do such things, but he's such a wanker. when i was at my cousin's funeral (miss you, joe) and we were all hanging out at someone's house, he like, forced people to watch his stupid flicks. i had to leave. i was so annoyed so i never saw either one of them. i did hear that his movies absolutely bite, though. farkin' wanker.

it's so annoying. all of a sudden, he's best friends with joe. what-the-fuck-ever. he was already getting on my nerves, but then he starts talking condescendingly to my brother and sister like they're stupid or something. ("you remember your cousin, joe, don't you? joe? your cousin? i was his best friend.") and then somehow the fact i got a 99 percentile on the psat came up and he was just FLOORED. ("oh! i didn't know you were smart. wow! i can't believe YOU got a higher score than ME. etc, etc, etc.) he just thinks so highly of himself, it's unfuckingbelievable. i hate people with his characteristics. normally, i respect artists. it's definitely not easy making a short film or making music or writing... lord knows i can't do it... but i can't respect him. he reminds me of someone else i hate... stan. fuck stan, too. mel's making the biggest mistake of her fucking life. it's too bad she's too stupid to see it.

i'm so sick of dealing with the majority of people. i wish i could live out in bumblefuck somewhere. it's too bad i would miss korean food... and just the option of going out, even if i don't feel like it. heh...

anyway, thank god it's hump day. wish it was friday, though....


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