80's cover songs

i didn't know this, but 311 did a cover of the cure's lovesong. now, i love that song. sure, it's cheesy and stuff, but i still love it. so, how did 311 manage to fuck it up? i dunno. it's got this slight reggae beat in it... and the guy isn't doing his normal stupid voice... so, that's good... but, it sounds dead. i dunno. robert smith gives it a desperate edge, i guess... 311 managed to completely kill it.

i could dig the songs... if they didn't ruin it... like the remake of mad world. i dunno who did it, but it's awful. and i hate those flashdance outfits. well, maybe i hate them cuz i wouldn't be able to pull it off. hehe... the only song that's decent is no doubt's remake of it's my life...

i noticed that there seems to be a resurgence of 80s songs and fashions..... scary. heh. i'm going to cut bangs and make them skyhigh again. oh, yes and purchase aqua net and wear leg warmers... yeah, baby :D


Blogger julia said...

ohmygod.. i was pissed when i heard 311's cover of lovesong. they play if over and over on the easy listening stations and it totally irks me when i hear it playing.

80's are back.. and don't forget to peg your pants and make sure your clothes match.. i use to wear red and white. so.. my outfit would be:

white top with another red shirt on top (tied at the corner), white mchammer pants--pegged of course--red sock, white sock and red keds w/white laces.

i think i had every color ked there was. =P

4:41 PM  
Blogger grace said...

omg. i got a really scary visual on that outfit. uuufff. i had forgotten. i guess i wasn't that cool in the 80s cuz i don't remember doing that. either that or i've repressed that memory. i do remember making my hair all high in the front. uuufff. scary.

4:45 PM  

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