the weekend...

why is it that i can wake up on the weekend at 6am and be fine, but come monday, i can barely roll my lazy ass out of bed at 7:30? and then i'm groggy all day... sheesh...

weekend was good. went to my cousin's to celebrate their 10 year anniversary (i was wrong about the 11th or 12th anniversary... ). i really didn't do much of anything all weekend. it was kinda nice, especially after last weekend. too much to do.

we watched hellboy, finally. i liked it. if i tried to explain the plot here, it would sound all convulted. but, when you're watching it, it all makes sense... and despite the moral underpinings of good versus evil (and how everyone has both seeds in them, it's up to the person to decide which seeds to cultivate) it was a really fun movie. even with the lesson in morality, it never gets bogged down. it manages to stay light and fun. del toro does a good job of keeping the movie going. and the look of the movie is really nice... i really liked the movie sets. just creepy enough, but not overdone. anyway, i may have to start reading the comics now...

but, when we're about halfway through the movie, my mom calls. i ignore it, as i usually ignore the first call she makes. i figure if it's important, she'll leave a message or she'll call again. 15 or 30 minutes later, she calls again. so, i'm thinking it's important. but it's not. she just keeps talking and talking... and i'm telling her i'm busy watching a movie. but her reasoning is: you're watching it at home, so you can talk and watch at the same time! i kind of just said, no, i can't and said i had to go and hung up on her. i called her later to apologize, but jeez. that's just annoying. she does that all the time. i went to breakfast with a friend and his brother and my mom's all trying to have a conversation with me... this is a woman who won't talk to me on her way out the door. she's on a cell phone. it's mobile. she's gonna get into a car and drive somewhere and she can't talk to me? whatever.

i do need to work on my temper, though. i tend to lose my temper at my mom. and people at work. and pretty much everyone. this morning was bad. i wanted to get to work on time today, but i couldn't find my keys... and i was already 10 minutes late... so i'm cursing and slamming doors and yelling... it was quite unnecessary... and i felt better... but that was after i subjected steve to about 5-10 minutes of screaming and yelling and cursing... *sigh* i really have to learn to control that. i don't know how steve can be so calm all the time. never loses his cool... well, almost never. heh... there are those videogame moments... :P

speaking of videogames, my thumb is sore. damn those ham-ham games. kawaii! i can't get enough of them! i'm playing at lunch today :D i played a demo of sudeki yesterday. i thought i was going to like it more. the movements are kind of awkward and the gameplay isn't exactly intuitive. but, at least now i know i don't need to buy that game... maybe tonight i'll try to play final fantasy crystal chronicles. i know i really should play more of FFX-2... but jules ruined it for me. hehe. she played it and in one night passed my level... by a lot... and i'd been playing it for a while. so yeah. i suck. heh.

yeah, this weekend was good.... all i did was play video games and read and eat. :D it was nice. i'm already thinking about next weekend... heh


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