uuufff. pictures.

if you think that was a lot of pics, you should see the ofoto album. 140 picture of seattle and vancouver. and we were only there 3 days. damn. and we deleted a lot of pics, too. we probably took more than 300 pictures. easy.

we didn't get any pics of bebel at her concert. we weren't sure if they'd allow cameras. of course, they did. oh well. she was mesmerizing and beautiful and her voice is fabulous. and her personality is sparkling and radiant. if you get a chance to see her, DO IT. (anyone see starsky and hutch? DO IT... DO IT. sorry...)

i forgot my mascara. had to duck into makeup stores to use their mascara and pretend i was interested in buying when i wasn't. i know. ghetto. but i wasn't about to buy mascara on this trip. i have a perfectly good bottle at home! heh...

if anyone wants to see the rest of the pics, email me. i'll send you an ofoto invite. grace.bon@gmail.com

i loved seattle. the vibe of the place just got to me. i used to think i felt at home in san francisco... i don't know. seattle might just be the place for me. except for the 9 months of no sun. that could be a problem. the only upside would be that i wouldn't feel self-conscious when i'm pale. heh.

the guy sitting next to me on the plane back home said he grew up in seattle and he was telling me: "yeah... 3 months are nice and sunny like southern california, but the rest of the 6 months are cloudy and rainy."

uhm... doofus... 3 + 6 = 9... what happened to the other 3 months? were they spent in a smoke filled haze or what?

vancouver's gorgeous, too. according to the paper there, we were there on the only sunny days they've had in more than 2 weeks. guess we're not moving there any time soon. it was cool, though. never did get a chance to visit any of the "cafes." ah well. we don't need to be spending 3 months in a drug-induced haze up there... heh...

at least blogspot's finally back up. i couldn't post and i was going through withdrawls. it was scary.


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