got lynch?

so..... steve woke me up with some news...

there's a motivational seminar tour thingie (i just woke up... give me a minute...) coming to 2 venues near us... (no free advertising for them)... the lineup includes the usual motivational speakers.... you know: zig ziglar, christopher reeve, rudolph giuliani.... etc...

but, wait... there's more! jessica lynch is going to be there!


her topic is "perserverance." mmm, yeah. perserverance.... uhm... she was "rescued from an iraqi hospital" and ... she did diddly squat. wait, she must've done something! oh, that's right! she got captured.

now, i am in no way minimizing the severity of the attack she was in... but it's not like it was a combat mission... and i am in no way dissing the service men and women who are fighting for our country in a war they probably don't believe in ... i support our troops... they shouldn't have to be there at all... and it's not her fault that she was there to begin with...


they are paying her tens of thousands of dollars to talk about..... her survival... that she doesn't fucking remember.

mmm, yeah.

here's an excerpt:

Survival is a Choice.

Private Jessica Lynch astonished the world when she survived the unthinkable and was rescued from Iraqi capture. you will be amazed as she share the key strategies that she used to survive and thrive in the most brutal of circumstances.

- How to win against all odds
- Developing the disciplines of a survivor
- How to eliminate fear and amplify confidence
- Resolving crisis: 3 tactics that get results
- How you can solve impossible problems

WTF is that all about? when she survived the unthinkable? she wasn't treated poorly. she was RESCUED! if they want to get a motivational speaker, get someone who actually faced combat. or someone who actually rescued her! how about that! get a REAL war veteran. not some stupid little girl who doesn't remember shit about what happened!

how to win against all odds? she lay in bed. it's not like SHE ESCAPED. i'm sure she was scared while she was in the hospital... but she did nothing truly heroic. i know some people might say, all our service men and women are heros just for serving their country, yadda, yadda, yadda.

yes, bless their hearts... but, not all of them go into the service because they just want to serve their country. they go in it because they want to go to college. or they want to travel the world. or other selfish reasons. they're human, too. we all do selfish ass shit under the guise of doing something noble. there are risks involved to joining the forces... she CHOSE to join. it's not like she was drafted or something.

there are so many other women out there to fill the slot of being the token woman on a motivation tour.

this shit just makes me sick. she should be paying every single person out there who goes to this seminar for showing up to see her. the promoters of this tour should give everyone a partial refund back just for showing up to see ms. lynch.


Blogger black buttafly said...

I agree 8,000 million %. What about the other men and women who were with her. where is there money they needed a "war hero" and that cute little white girl fit the bill so they gave her mad pub. What a wack little country we live in

5:22 PM  

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