it's so damned hard to find good help these days.

i stayed kind of late last night working on all this bullshit for month-end....

and then i get an email this morning telling me to disregard the file and to please use this new one. which is considerably different from the old file...

so i have to redo everything. and tell my customers to disregard it...

and i look like the fucking idiot who fucked up.

they're not even technically my customers. i don't get paid on this bullshit. i do all the fucking work and the sales guys get paid on it.

it's so goddamned frustrating knowing that these guys get paid at least twice what i do... hell, plus commission, it could be 3 - 4 times more.

ARGH! it's so painful! and i stayed late for effin' nothing!



Blogger Angelina said...

I hate salesguys. They are so predictable/sleazy. They are all up in my shit smiley nice when they need something......otherwise, it's like tumbleweed in front of my office. Fuckers. And why did *I* get any US Open tix??

10:10 AM  

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